Terms of Use

www.jabiroo.com is designed to provide counseling services about their traveling choices to its members. This contract governs the use and terms of services for its members.

If any of the terms mentioned on this page do not suit you, you may not use www.jabiroo.com. You will have agreed to the terms written on these pages in advance by using the site and completing the form that will contain your personal information.

Jabiroo reserves the right to change the terms stated below partly or completely whenever it sees fit. In case of amendment, the Terms of Use shall be put on the main page of the site with the latest version and date of change. For this reason, we advise you to read this page frequently when you visit www.jabiroo.com in order to be up to date about possible changes.

Signing up to www.jabiroo.com, getting updated and using its services are free, unless stated otherwise. As well as some or all of the services provided in the future may not be free; paid and/or free memberships can be created.

In the event of a violation of the stated terms of use, the site management may block the use of the site for the member and reserves the legal rights to the person or persons involved in such initiatives.

1. Usage and Safety

1 a. Inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, containing statements contrary to public morals and information which does not comply with State laws of the Republic of Turkey can not be obliged to the site.

1.b. Work and content on the site may not be partially or completely altered, deleted, copied and used or used for similar or different purposes.

1.c. The software and applications that threaten the general and private security of the site and prevent the operation of the software used on the site and the site can not be used, and activities can not be done in this direction. Likewise, information available on the site can not be retrieved, deleted or changed.

1.d. Each membership can belong to only one person. The Member guarantees that the information he / she has stored in their profile is their, correct and real. In the same way, a single person can not have more than one membership. In either case, these persons, if noticed, will be removed from membership by Jabiroo without any notice. In addition, the member is obliged not to share site membership accounts with others, to transfer them to others, nor to take any action that would jeopardize the security of their access information and accounts. The member will be responsible for the consequences of the use of personal information, such as member name, member's password, the right to use, the use of third parties or organizations, and the misuse of such information by third parties. The Member acknowledges that Jabiroo has no liability for such use, that they will not have any charge against Jabiroo, and that the charges and damages can not be directed against them. In addition, Jabiroo has no obligation to identify the persons engaged in such misconduct. If such use occurs, the member should inform Jabiroo without delay. The member shall not be able to use the IP address, e-mail address, member name and other personal information of the other person on the internet and shall not reach and use the private information of the other members without permission. Any legal or criminal liability arising out of such use shall belong directly to the member.

1.e. It is our responsibility to inform you that the special offers of www.jabiroo.com, the use of www.jabiroo.com's sales system or any aspect of the website (technical, campaign etc.), harm www.jabiroo.com, in addition to all the rights of Jabiroo in the case of the detection of the special offers of www.jabiroo.com, the abuse of the sales system or the website, such as the exploitation of them, even if the conditions of the campaign or sales conditions are not met, www.jabiroo.com has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.

1.f. It may be necessary to get some services via www.jabiroo.com and be in the legal age (at least 18 years old) to be able to carry out the transactions. Jabiroo may, if necessary, request that a member who has not reached the legal age to obtain permission or authorization from his / her parents. In this case, the person requesting membership or the member who wishes to benefit from a particular service, ie the student must answer within one (1) day at the latest. Otherwise, the applicant's membership application is invalidated. If the said person is a member, Jabiroo may terminate the contractual service or membership.

A member who is under eighteen (18) years of age can not be a party to any action requiring his / her competence (including but not limited to special offers on the Site), and can not participate in special offers, prizes. Even if they have participated in these bonuses, in the case of winning one, it is not given to them.

Jabiroo may, at any time, permanently or discontinuously, without notice, and without any additional obligation to Jabiroo, bring the age limit in accordance with company policy, business model or legal act, in order to become a member or utilize part or all of the services of the current member. If the age limit application is made and the current member does not meet the age limit, such membership will be canceled as soon as possible without any notification.

Jabiroo, under this article, may demand the member to confirm their age to Jabiroo, with their Turkish Citizenship ID or with such identification number-based authentication. In this case, the requested member has an obligation to answer the request within one (1) day at the latest. Otherwise, the applicant's membership application will be invalidated or Jabiroo will be entitled to terminate the membership in question. It is assumed that the prospect accepts and aware of, in advance, that the service and the nature of the virtual environment, company policies, business model or legal legislation may change frequently and radically.

2. Content Usage

2 a. The visual and written content presented at www.jabiroo.com is for personal use. All the texts, graphics, photographs, videos, animations or sounds contained in the content of www.jabiroo.com are reserved. Unless otherwise stated, it can not be used for commercial or personal purposes without permission and without permission. If any item in this site is posted in another channel or on the internet site or give a link without permission of Jabiroo (If a link is given to a site, the link will be opened when the link is clicked).

2.b. The copying and / or use of the software which is used in the design of these pages and in the creation of the databases and belongs to Jabiroo is strictly prohibited. In addition, all graphics, text, images, information-design, and any software used in the formation of the database are protected under the relevant legislation under the intellectual property rights.

2.c. www.jabiroo.com is open to all kinds of comments, criticisms and likes. All comments, likes and criticisms submitted to my site are on our property and can be used for marketing purposes.

3. Responsibilities

3 a. The visit to www.jabiroo.com is tracked for the purpose of increasing the quality of service, such as the duration of visit, the time, the pages it displays. The information obtained is shared with the companies that we are cooperating with aim to improve our content by respecting the confidentiality principle. The aim is to develop the site and thus meet the expectations of the members. If the member accepts the terms of the contract, the member agrees in advance to share such information with third parties, subject to the confidentiality principle.

3.b. Those who want to use the site can start to use the site by subscribing to www.jabiroo.com with their email addresses and passwords provided that the conditions stated in this contract are fulfilled.

3.c While benefiting from the site's services, the member agrees to obey the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the laws and regulations on the protection of trademark and patent rights, and legal regulations; The Code of Obligations, the provisions of other relevant legislation, and any declaration  concerning the services of www.jabiroo.com. The use of the site contrary to the law and the declarations is within the responsibility of the member who uses the site. (legal, administrative, criminal and financial)

3.d  Any ideas and thoughts that the member will declare on the site belongs to the member. Such declarations are individual opinions of the member and only concerns him/her. By making these declarations, the member will not be able to breach Jabiroo's commercial reputation and behave in ways that could lead to unfair competition.

The site can not be used in any way for political, religious, philosophical propaganda purposes, political opinion supporting statements. The state can not have the promises and dispositions aiming at public order and security, national unity and cohesion, fundamental rights and freedoms, general morality and law. Likewise, acts of insult, threat or harassment which are regarded as criminal and / or compensation under the Turkish Criminal Code, the Turkish Criminal Code and other acts shall not be allowed.

The member acknowledges that such actions, texts, videos, photographs, slogans, pictures, cartoons, words, songs and comments can not be shared with the site according to the relevant law, otherwise it will be personal responsibility; accept and undertake that the site and its officials are liable to pay any kind of demand that they will be faced with for the reasons mentioned and to pay any kind of compensation including the fines they will have to pay. In this context, the member is personally responsible for the content and disclosure of any material that he / she discloses to official institutions and organizations, third parties and in addition to Jabiroo, Jabiroo's directors and partners.

3.e. The member can not prevent and / or enforce the use of other members and visitors to www.jabiroo.com, can not lock databases or servers with automatic programs; the data can not be misleading. In addition, the member agrees and undertakes not to access or use any other members' private, confidential files, information, programs or similar areas without permission. Otherwise the legal and criminal responsibilities will be that member’s burden,  as he/she will also lose the membership.

3.f. If the proprietor fails to comply with the obligations set forth in this agreement and the general rules posted at www.jabiroo.com, membership may be suspended or deleted.

3.g. The Member shall not add, copy or distribute any content protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights on the site without the prior written permission of the owner of such rights.

Jabiroo is not obliged to control the content provided by the member in accordance with the Internet Act No. 5651. The member is personally and solely responsible for the content provided to the site. The Member agrees that any and all opinions, writings, actions, videos, photographs, slogans, pictures, cartoons, songs, melodies, lines, sounds, etc., which he / she has given to www.jabiroo.com on site, that they have all the rights to all kinds of content or that they have the right and authority to use them, to spread them, to put them in trade positions. It expressly acknowledges that there is no request by any third party on these rights, otherwise it is responsible for all kinds of follow-up and request for Jabiroo. The site does not have any control over the accuracy of the statement, but may request documentation from the member when necessary.

3.h. It is recommended to take a copy of the messages with Jabiroo and this is the responsibility of the members / service areas. Jabiroo can not be held accountable for any mistakes, damages and disappearances caused by the failure to make backups of messages.

3.i The Member shall not remove warnings and notes on rights protected under the Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property Act from the material copied or printed by www.jabiroo.com.

3.j Members can delete accounts and cancel memberships at www.jabiroo.com at any time. The member who terminates his / her membership will get denied if the member tries to access to the site with the membership in question. Whenever a person wants to become a member again, he / she can always create a new member independently from the first. The member can reactivate his / her canceled membership by entering the current email and password on the site. In this case, the member's membership is deemed to have accepted the valid contract conditions.

3 K. www.jabiroo.com reserves the right to delete or store any record of the membership account terminated by the member himself / herself or by www.jabiroo.com. In this respect, any claims or claims concerning records stored or deleted in the database shall not be requested. The information provided can be used as data by Jabiroo.

I. Personal information (name, surname, year of birth, e-mail address, etc.) is kept and used when necessary, as long as it is shared with www.jabiroo.com. This information can also be shared with third parties according to member preferences.

ii. Personal information of the members, in cases where the public and state security is under threat, within legal reasons and / or request of the competent authorities and officials and the Republic of Turkey in accordance with the relevant official permits can be shared with state agencies and institutions.

iii. Any changes resulting from the sale, merger, or restructuring of the company may be sold or transferred to third parties or entities. Some or all of the content provided by the prospect may remain visible in order to ensure uninterrupted service. Jabiroo retains all rights under this article, except in cases where the proposed content is terminated by the member or the membership is terminated by the member other than in the case of withdrawal from the site during membership, and the content database is deleted and irrevocably processed.

3.l. The members themselves are responsible for their relations with themselves or with third persons.

3.m. For various reasons (providing convenience to visitors, providing information, etc.) on the site, from the contents of advertising and advertising links; Jabiroo is not responsible for the services and products provided by the real or legal persons that are linked to these sites; risk belongs to visitors.

3.n. Within the terms of use, confidentiality and legal regulations, Jabiroo has the right to use all information related to membership in the context of marketing activities.

3.o. The Member shall not use the site for any commercial purpose or business (including the sale and promotion of the product or service). Members shall not collect any personal information from the site, whether for commercial purposes or not; commercial gain-generating activities.

3.p. Copy, sample, etc. part or all of the elements that make up the site, such as member, software, service, content. shall not infringe Jabiroo's rights under the provision of the services specified in the contract.

3.r. The Member acknowledges, declares and undertakes that www.jabiroo.com is not an agent / consultant between the service provider and the service beneficiary only, that Jabiroo is not the service provider, and that it is not a party to the service based on the purchased service. The services to be provided by the service providers in this context are not the subject of this contract. The role of the site is to provide counseling services to the member 3-4, 5-6 days, 6-7 day trips, places where he / she can stay and where he / she can eat and places he / she can visit. The receiving service shall not have any claim against Jabiroo in the event that the service provided to it by the service providers is malfunctioning and / or defective, can not be provided or served in the specified time, declares and undertakes that such claims shall only be made against the service provider.

3.s. There are various parts of the site and each section can have its own different rules and obligations. The person who uses these sections is deemed to have accepted the rules regarding the section.

3.t. The Member shall be deemed to have accepted the provisions of the "Terms of Use" and the contractual provisions from the date of membership. The contractor will receive compensation for any damages Jabiroo will receive due to his / her unconstitutional behavior. In addition, the site has the right to recourse to the member for any compensation and fines that the member may have to pay to the public institutions or third parties due to the non-contractual behavior of the member.

3.u. After agreeing to the terms of membership and use, the member shall be deemed to have received any commercial electronic communications to be sent to him by Jabiroo. In this context, the member can automatically send text messages, faxes, electronic mail, etc. and may send electronic messages for marketing, information and advertising purposes through the means of communication. When the member wishes, it will be able to give up receiving electronic communications, and it will be enough for it to transmit the request to Jabiroo. Following the removal of the talebine, it will be done immediately.

3.v. By visiting the "Privacy Policy" page, applications can be learned to protect the confidentiality of information belonging to the member.

4. Jabiroo's Rights and Responsibilities

4.a. Jabiroo acknowledges and promises that the member will be able to benefit from the contractual counseling service and that any information outside the personal information that the member has shared will not be shared with third parties or organizations in any way except for service and legal obligations. There is a right to investigate and disclose identity information of the member in case the attack attempts that impede the operation of the site are present, a criminal complaint from the official authorities, or an official investigation request.

4.b. The responsibility for the uploading of any content or any other material uploaded through the site is wholly owned by the member. Jabiroo does not warrant that any content or information contained on the site or the service will be free from defects, flawless, virus-free, fault-free or unauthorized modifications or alterations to its software or data.

Jabiroo may make unilateral changes to this contract without notice to ensure continuity of the services it commits. Jabiroo has the right to temporarily or permanently stop the service provided unilaterally, change the content of the service or cancel it if it so desires without any justification. The Member accepts the savings in advance. The renewed current usage terms will be posted on the www.jabiroo.com site with the new date update under the same link, and will be notified by e-mail to the member if deemed necessary. The renewed current terms of use will be effective as of the time of publication on www.jabiroo.com and the use of the www.jabiroo.com site or services will be subject to renewed terms of use from then on. Since it is the responsibility of the member to follow the changes, the member will never be able to claim that he / she is not aware of the changes.

I. If the client feels any hesitation about the service offered, he / she should immediately stop using the service and terminate the contract accordingly.

ii. Membership of a member who has submitted material that is contrary to the provisions of this contract to www.jabiroo.com may be terminated unilaterally by Jabiroo without notice.

4.c. www.jabiroo.com does not use the site or any content; has no responsibility whatsoever for the cause of the damages, even though it has been informed in advance, due to any special, second degree, important, exemplary, punitive, direct or indirect damages.

4.d. The service is provided with all the mistakes, as if it were a service, provided that the use is offered. There is no warranty for the service; In this context, any level of service or security is not guaranteed. It is beyond the scope of implied warranties, including labor suitability and non-compliance.

If the client feels unsure with the service provided, he / she must stop using the service and terminate the contract.

4.e. In the services undertaken, Jabiroo may make unilateral changes to this contract without notice. The unilateral service can be temporarily or permanently stopped, the contents of the service can be changed or canceled at any time without any justification for the contract. The member accepts all these situations in advance.

4.f. The current terms of use will be posted on www.jabiroo.com with a new date update under the same link, and will be emailed to the member when necessary. The updated and up-to-date terms of use will be effective at the time of publication on www.jabiroo.com and the site will be subject to renewed terms of use from then on. The member does not claim to be aware of the changes.

4.g. The information gathered laws of the Republic of Turkey and all kinds of commercial activity within the scope of the rights granted in this agreement, in a way that will not harm the rights available to members Jabiroo.

4.h. The site can change the default settings of the member profile without any information, including all or part of all the variables and default settings on the site, including the privacy options of the member. The follow-up responsibility belongs to the member.

4.i. The term "coercive reason" means; inevitable events that occur outside the reasonable control of the parties concerned and which Jabiroo can not prevent despite the necessary discipline, including but not limited to natural disaster, war, strike, rebellion, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, electricity interruption, bad weather conditions . Jabiroo shall not be held liable for any delay or misjudgment or failure to perform in the event of identification or legitimate coercion, nor shall it be deemed to have fallen in default and compensation shall not be claimed.

4.j. Jabiroo strives to control the accuracy of information on the site. However, it will not be held responsible for any reservation, sales and information errors that may arise due to changes in the campaign content.

4.k. Jabiroo is not concerned unless there is a liability, fraud and serious fault in the terms of use and membership.

5. Provisions Regarding Campaigns

5 a. Jabiroo provides counseling services to his / her members about accommodation, eating, drinking and sightseeing in their places to go during their travels; and also collects wages from the members. Jabiroo is not part of the contractual provision of services in the places where he / she is proposing; so that the service is not performed as expected and will not be liable for any fault.

5.b. www.jabiroo.com is a real-time, online-working site. Any responsibility for the correctness of any obligations and information arising from all transactions made with the member's name and password through the site belongs to the member himself / herself.

5.c. The counseling service that is being done is charged by the web site of the fee-based member. The member accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she purchases the advisory service to be offered with the announced conditions. Service will not be provided if payment is unsuccessful due to lack of limit caused by credit card or wrong password entry.

Jabiroo will receive service to the member and / or name within a minimum of 3 business days following the completion of payment of the requested consultancy service and the user's questions about the service content. The site has the right to communicate to the operator the information about the transaction made by reason such as the prevention of wrongful act or the easy follow-up.

5 d. When the service provider pays, their personal information, credit card information (name, phone number, address, email, etc.) may be requested. This information is necessary to perform the service. Jabiroo shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Jabiroo in connection with such damages as may be caused by negligence by the third party. Jabiroo is not under the obligation to confirm the identity of the member when the credit card defined on the member's account is inappropriate or unintentional use by third parties. In the case of detection of improper use, it is not possible to obtain the price.

5.e. Jabiroo's counseling fee to offer the services mentioned may vary according to the length and the content of the travel time. The service recipient authorizes Jabiroo to receive the consulting service fee from the credit card provided by his / her account. Jabiroo has the authority to collect tax and other surcharges to be added.

5.f. After the service provided by Jabiroo, the User acknowledges and acknowledges his / her payment for this payment knowing that he / she can not claim the charge.

5.g. "3D Secure" systems are used to ensure the best security measures during payments. The information required for payments is not stored by the site; the bank where the site is negotiated is transferred directly and without intermediaries. Information transfer is performed with SSL-based 256-bit encoding. The service recipient acknowledges that Jabiroo is not responsible for this issue because he understands the risks involved in payment made via the Internet and performs the transaction by receiving them, and accepts, declares and undertakes this.

It should be noted that; Jabiroo has no responsibility in the event that it is processed by the system with the passwords and information captured by the third parties, resulting in situations that are caused by the virus type of dangerous software on the site member's computer or negligence of the member, There is no obligation for Jabiroo to verify the authenticity of the information or the identity of the member, if the improper use of the credit card defined on the account of the member is concerned. If the improper use is detected, the fee charged is not possible. Jabiroo will not accept any liability in this matter.

5.h. The recipient of the service receives only consulting services regarding travel from www.jabiroo.com, Jabiroo does not have any reservations, tickets etc. accepts and undertakes that there is no obligation.

The consulting service collects the website from the service area. Jabiroo will bill the service area within 7 business days following the payment to be made to him / her, and send it to the address that the service area writes on www.jabiroo.com.

5.i. As Jabiroo provides consulting services, businesses that have campaigned may cancel or postpone their services for a variety of reasons. In such cases Jabiroo will not be held liable for the service.

5.j. Jabiroo is not a provider of any services or campaigns that are not expressly announced by or on behalf of itself or by organizations within its jurisdiction. For the services provided through the site, the related law, including the provisions of the "Law on the Protection of the Consumer, No. 4077" and the provisions of the "Regulation on Distance Contracts" for the services falling within the scope of the relevant legislation under this law. the third party who is not a party to the terms of use providing the service and product solely responsible for the debtor's liability that the law, the supplier and the provider have uploaded.

6. Implementation of Legislation on Distance Agreements

Articles 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Article 9 of this Regulation in accordance with Article 2 of the Regulation on Distance Agreements No 27866 dated 6 March 2011; travel, accommodation, recreation, entertainment, etc., and which are under the obligation of the provider to offer contractual service in a certain date or time period. For this reason, Jabiroo has no obligation to provide any form of preliminary information to the member or to exercise the right to withdraw from the regulation. The member may not demand the right to withdraw or any other rights regulated in the regulations, based on the provisions of this regulation.

7. Divisibility

Partial or complete invalidity, failure or non-compliance with any provision of this contract shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other part of the contract. The Member declares, agrees and undertakes that the said Terms of Use read, understand and acknowledge the entirety of the said Terms of Use and acknowledge the accuracy of the information he / she gives in relation to himself / herself.

8. Competent Court and Settlement of Disputes

The Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to resolve disputes arising from the implementation of this contract.

9. Notification Addresses

9.a. Jabiroo does not ask for his / her postal address in advance when his / her contract is set up. The e-mail address that the proprietor informs www.jabiroo.com at the time of filling out the membership form is considered to be the legal address for any notifications to be made regarding this contract.

9.b. Contracting parties must notify the other party in writing of the changes in their existing email within 3 (three) days. Otherwise, the notices to be made by Jabiroo to the former postal service are deemed valid and the request is valid.

9.c. Any notice that Jabiroo will make using the registered e-mail address of the member will be deemed valid to the member 1 (one) day after being sent by Jabiroo.

10. Entering into the Contract

From the moment the member completes the registration process, the member has accepted the terms specified in this agreement and at the same time, the contract is deemed to have entered into force. This contract will automatically be null and void without any notice being given in case of any of the cases of termination of the membership or the termination of the contract as mentioned above.

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